3 Rules to Live By for Every Graduate or Job Seeker


It’s that time of year when folks are giving speeches about their future, their direction, thinking about college starting in the fall, getting a job or just making a change. Throughout my career I have 3 rules that I try to live by. If any of this is helpful add this to your toolbelt of knowledge, if not disregard.

3 Rules to Live By

1. World is incredibly small place
You never know who you will work with or for, always be humble and foster each of your individual relationships whether that be work, social, family – you never know when one of those investments will pay off. This was how I was hired at Jobster [dead], Apex LearningRescueTime and Digital DNA Infusion.

2. Get a coach
You do not have to go through this life alone. Get a coach for each part of your life and don’t be afraid to change them up as you evolve and grow. Get a coach for technology, marketing, sales, personal development, spiritual, etc. Their advice is free, take what is helpful, remove what is not.

3. Every problem has a solution
Reciting this during difficult times always makes me feel better. I don’t know that the statement is true in all cases, but for the purposes of navigating my professional life I’ve always taken comfort in, “someone else has already solved this problem” and I study their approach before choosing a direction on my own.
I’m sure there are plenty of other rules to follow, but these 3 will get you started.

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Find me at www.jasongrimes.com

Find me at www.jasongrimes.com.

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